Puzzle Chronicles

Puzzle Chronicles Demo

Puzzle your way through this fantasy quest!


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Good cartoon style
  • New puzzle idea


  • Puzzle battles can be quite long
  • Story is fairly generic


Konami shook up the world of puzzles with Puzzle Quest, an ingenious and addictive mix of puzzle and role playing gameplay. Puzzle Chronicles continues this concept, but can it maintain the charm of the original?

This demo gives you the game tutorial and a few further puzzle battles. The game works like this: There is a story, and as you progress you meet various foes, and have to fight them. In Puzzle Chronicles, you fight by playing a Bejewelled-style puzzle game. Your task is to link up jewels of the same color to clear the screen, and when possible to include 'Ram' jewels, which will push the opponent back. A fight is won when your opponent has been forced back completely.

The tutorial is clear, and will teach novices all they need to know. Even if they are confusing, as soon as you start playing, the game becomes clear. Gameplay is fast paced and engrossing, although this new style of battling isn't quite as compelling as that of Puzzle Quest. The special attacks and RPG elements still make Puzzle Chronicles an interesting game, even if its storyline is terribly generic fantasty stuff!

Graphically, Puzzle Quest uses a Disney-like cartoon style which works well, although the 3D character model on the map seems out of place. Sound is nothing special, but it's professional sounding and suits the epic fantasy feel of the game.

Puzzle Chronicles can be difficult to put down once you've started, even for people who dislike fantasy/role playing style games!

Puzzle Chronicles


Puzzle Chronicles Demo

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